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This is a little private forum to exchange informations about second language learning.
If you like it you are cordially invited to to play a part in our discussions.
Please understand that you can only participate if you register.
This is a private project and we don't have the funds to run an open forum.

You got this link from another Duolingo user or found it in the Duo-Forum?
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Our House Rules

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Our House Rules

Beitrag von RedAngel666 » 19. Okt 2017, 01:51

Hello everyone on board!

Who are we? We are just two Duolingo users. We created this board to talk to other people who share our passion for languages and also use Duo (and other apps like memrise). In the Duolingo forum as it is not allowed to create private conversations or off-topic posts, we thought about creating a forum where we can do exactly this. So this will be a board for chatting, talking and joking with other guys from Duo. Trying to get different people, from diverse places, each with unique backgrounds, gathering in one place can be a difficult task; so let's define some rules we should follow.

This board does not compete with the official Duolingo Forum.
We want to offer a place where users from the Duolingo forum can talk about the world, share their thoughts on culture, art and everyday life.
If you think of Duolingo as a big town, think of ALD as a little weekend cottage. Think of it as a little place you go to relax, have a nice chat with other people, store your collection of good explanations and resources and then you go back to life.

We come together from across the world at varying language levels with the same goal in mind - to learn. Curiosity, questioning, and cultural understanding are something we celebrate. Be respectful of others and where they’re coming from.

The fastest way to get the chop of the board : attack a person or a group with words or actions
This board has the goal to be a safe place for members of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and orientations. Harassment and hurtful content will not be tolerated! Using symbols, names and text that promote hate, harassing, stalking, and making sexual remarks towards someone are considered abuse. The same goes for nudity and disturbing profile pictures and usernames. We will remove them at once. We are all adults and nobody will faint if he sees a little part of skin. But always think twice. Other cultures, other quirks.
We do not tolerate, under any circumstances, content that is illegal, pornographic, violent, pejorative or hurts the religious feelings of other members. Content that is threatening, harassing, or bullying or any material that is associated with hate, racism or intolerance of religion, sexual orientation, cultural diversity, or whatever, will be removed. If you use content that violates the spirit of these house rules you will risk losing access to this website without warning.

Personal confidential Information
Please don't share any personal information directly in the board. The internet can be a dangerous place as hackers, and other bad people, can cause you (and the forum) some big-time problems. Use private messages instead. It is up to each one of us to act responsibly so please be mindful of what you share.

Deleting Content You've Shared
Posts and articles won't be deleted if a user decides to permanently leave this forum.

Strong Language, Swearing, Ranting
Strong language is a part of every language and culture. We act on the assumption that we are all adults. So we won't prohibit the posting of these words/phrases as long as they are part of a discussion about language and translation. Direct insults or any content that violates our house rules will be deleted immediately.

Main Language of the board
In which language should I write?
Please write your articles in English. It is a world language and a good basic for all of us. In the parts of the forum made for other languages (German/Spanish) feel free to write in that language, too. But please make sure that all members can follow the discussion. Thank you.

:twisted: And First Rule of all the Admin is God :twisted:

And now let's have a good time and a lot of fun!

Best regards, hugs, knuddels, y abrazos
Angel and Lexx

Many thanks to slam for her help with this text.
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