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Insults, Pejorative Terms and Affronts - Reading at Your own Risk

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Insults, Pejorative Terms and Affronts - Reading at Your own Risk

Beitrag von RedAngel666 » 12. Jan 2019, 16:56


Insults, curses, and any words that harm or vilify another person are not right and we should not use them. Right. But be honest, you did never said 'shit' or 'fuck you'? Ok, that's not so bad but there are other phrases and expression you can call rough, offensive,grievous or just vulgar.

We all learned, don't say that! and that's ok. The question is, do we need to know such expressions? I say yes.
To learn a language means to learn words, grammar, expressions and idioms. So if you take my grandpa by his word 'everywhere you go there's an arsehole' (and he's right) you can face insults, pejorative terms and affronts. If you hear them in your first language you can act. But what about foreign languages? So I think, you have to know the bad and insulting phrases, too. Not to use them, not to offend somebody but to be able to react. so let's face it and collect the bad stuff. Not to use it but to understand it. :twisted:

I give a rat's ass - ist mir scheiß egal
A fat lot I care! - Das ist mir sowas von scheiß egal!
Screw you! Sod you! - Leck mich am Arsch!
to take the piss out of - jemanden verscheißern/verarschen
brown noser - Speichellecker
sich bei jemandem auskotzen - ?
I don't give a shit. - Das geht mir am Arsch vorbei.Ich geb einen Scheiß drauf
He is shitting bricks- Ihm geht der Arsch auf Grundeis.
a punch up the bracket - ein Schlag in/auf die Fresse

please help me to pair these phrases
Zip your lips; Belt up; Shut your trap(s); Shut your gob! Stow it!
Halt's Maul; Halt die Fresse; Halt die Schnautze;
jerk; AM/BE?

What phrases do you know? How would you translate the phrases in my list?

best regards, Angel
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